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transpixel Cloud and squirrel transpixel

Cloud and squirrel

From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Nov 22 16:16:07 2004)

"Now it's time to save the wor...hehehehe squirrels."

From: BlakfasfinJon (Tue Nov 23 07:30:08 2004)
Well if you must know how chocobos are made...

From: HoneyB (Fri Dec 24 13:42:34 2004)
"We will then chop off his nads, decorate them like a squirrel, and feed them to the dog. Are you with me?"

From: Sonrae (Wed Apr 20 00:37:11 2005)
"All right, men, listen up! If we are to infiltrate Shinra, then we have to evade Tonberries and killer squirrels at ALL costs. Understood?"

From: OSB (Fri Oct 13 03:01:20 2006)
"look, ya kno how some people dont know their gay until they are already married? well i'm getting ahead of the game and submitting to the fact that i love squirrels with huge nads in tiny volcano structures"

From: Davey the Canadian Ninja (Tue May 29 02:47:52 2007)
Cloud: All right everyone, in order to meet the fairy king and his wooden platypus shoe shiners and receive the Hammer of 133tness we need to eat some squirrels. Who's With me!!?
Aeris: Uh... Cloud? Are you high right now?
Cloud: Thats very possible. -_-'

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