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The end of algath(by: Kamui)
Ok, this has been a long time in coming, but I think it's officially time to declare my site dead, I haven't touched it in more than a year and I don't see myself becoming motivated enough to start back up anytime soon. (not to mention that every time I've updated in the past couple years I ended up forgetting to keep up with it soon after) Adventures of Algath may continue at a future time but probably not in comic form. I've been thinking about actually writing a novel for it (It's not going to be anywhere near as silly as the comic was). Anyways, I'll see about getting one last back-up of the site in case I ever change my mind and decide to restart but I can't see it happening in the forseeable future.
Sunday, November 9 2008 09:15 UTC

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If you're reading this, you're probably lost.(by: Pez-Man)
What? An update? Something about some .zip of all the comics over on the left menu? Never heard of it. New, semi-helpful features like being able to hit backspace to go back to the menus? No idea what you're talking about. Extra content? Impossible. Going to stop talking to yourself? For now.
Sunday, December 30 2007 19:51 UTC

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Existance!(by: ayana)
It's not like that took three years or anything. Not that anything exists yet, but at least it's not some blank white page with an instant re-direct anymore.
Thursday, September 20 2007 23:11 UTC

Read Comments: 3

Whooo! New update!(by: Kamui)
Wow.. I'm a bit slow on actually putting this in the front page.. but anyways, Yay! I've actually made an update.. after a year of pretty much ignoring the site... ah well... *hopes that he can actually keep up with it this time but who knows* We've all heard that one before >_>;;
Wednesday, April 25 2007 03:13 UTC

Read Comments: 4

How we've grown!(by: Phred)
My site has grown quite a bit! Thanks to the one and only chromus, I have a fancy php comic browser! I've started a second comic to be made along the first, and I uploaded another comic I completed some time ago! Check it out!
Sunday, May 28 2006 00:12 UTC

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Scary....(by: Kamui)
WHEEEE! News post! After months of silence from me I have finally made an update! Let me know what you think peoples! Or else I may have to... cry... a lot ;_;
Sunday, April 16 2006 06:00 UTC

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It's up!(by: Phred) Now has a site! You can read my comic if you want... Though I guess only my friends will.. but that's okay.
Friday, March 10 2006 20:05 UTC

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Site update pending(by: Phred)
It's true! after over a year I'm gonna update my site! My friends are all in University, and I wanted to continue my hand drawn comic, but I also wanted them to be able to read it more than just on the weekends, so I've been uploading them to deviant art. I decided that since I've got this site, I might as well upload them there, too! I don't have FrontPage anymore, so I'm not sure exactly how I'm gonna make the site for the comic, but I've already uploaded the pages I've done so far to ...So, stay tuned for updates!
Monday, February 27 2006 23:58 UTC

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Fixed!(by: beyonder)
I uh...fixed some stuff. Mostly in the forum. ENJOY IT OR ELSE... (the attachment mod now works again, and you can actually choose between the subSilver theme and the Fission theme if you want... but why would anyone choose subSilver? deleted the spammer accounts, and fixed the Fission theme to have the anti-bot section of the signup form)
Wednesday, October 5 2005 23:04 UTC

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OMGOMGOMG!(by: Kamui)
OMG! I have updated! For the first time in.... a few months... I bad boy... but I updated ^_^
Wednesday, August 24 2005 05:06 UTC

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