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It's like a snow day, without the day off!(by: Pez-Man)
New comic, why not?
Friday, February 25 2005 13:21 UTC

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Tres Aņos(by: Pez-Man)
Though a little late, the site (TGB) has been up for three full years, and since no one really knows when the comic began, the comic has been up for three years. That'd be three whole years. Three. Not two, not four, but three. Happy three years? Also, a new comic, and I'm switching over to a Monday/Friday update schedule. It's one less comic every three weeks, but I'm pretty sure no one cares about that, not to mention it's much easier to check on Mondays and Fridays. Enjoy.
Monday, February 21 2005 16:12 UTC

Read Comments: 3

There's no one here but me(by: Pez-Man)
Comic. Tomato sauce.
Saturday, February 19 2005 18:20 UTC

Read Comments: 5

Comic, Hoooooooooooooooooo!(by: Pez-Man)
Justice Team Assemble! Or, whatever. Comic!
Wednesday, February 16 2005 14:37 UTC

Read Comments: 0

2-Foot Submarine(by: Pez-Man)
El comic are new.
Sunday, February 13 2005 14:58 UTC

Read Comments: 2

TOE Truck!(by: Pez-Man)
Get it? TOE Truck? Haha haha haha! HAHAHA! I need new site pictures! Please, send me any funny, random, or awsome pictures! PLEASE! Comic, as well. TOE TRUCK! HA HA!
Thursday, February 10 2005 14:30 UTC

Read Comments: 3

Swish!(by: Pez-Man)
He shoots, he scored! Yay football! There's nothing that quite compares to watching ice skaters wrestle through the goal, especially when you're watching the uberplate. Comic!
Monday, February 7 2005 14:26 UTC

Read Comments: 4

W0000000000?(by: Pez-Man)
Comic are up.
Friday, February 4 2005 14:11 UTC

Read Comments: 1

In Soviet Russia...(by: Pez-Man)
Comic reads you!
Tuesday, February 1 2005 16:03 UTC

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I'm not late, I'm just reaaaaaaaaally early!(by: Pez-Man)
New comic. Since I'm going back to college and classes, the update schedule might flux around a bit, as I get used to new classes.
Saturday, January 29 2005 20:19 UTC

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