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4th of July!(by: Pez-Man)
Happy 4th of July! And, if you're not American, happy first Monday in July!
Monday, July 4 2005 15:51 UTC

Read Comments: 2

Woo!(by: Pez-Man)
Lotta updates here. First of all, I updated the cast page even more! Try it out! You can use your arrow keys to navigate, and I added a little map at the top left that you can also click on to move around. Secondly, I put up a little animated credits page. Thirdly, there's a new background in the image gallery, previewed by the site pic. It's only available in one size because your operating system will do a fine job resizing it, if you use it. I couldn't get it to be in any other form than .PNG without it looking terrible, so if anyone wants to inform me how to get it to .JPEG without making it look like crap, feel free to tell me. Other than that, I think I'm done with Quest for PEZ things. Leave a message to tell me what you think of all the stuff!
Friday, June 17 2005 14:33 UTC

Read Comments: 10

A Little Fixin'(by: Pez-Man)
Updated the menu a little, just to have it make more sense. I also fixed Episode 85, but the differences probably won't be noticable. Most importantly, I updated the cast page. Take a look!
Monday, June 13 2005 13:29 UTC

Read Comments: 0

The End(by: Pez-Man)
Well, that's the last comic. I hope someone enjoyed them. I've still got a few more updates to do, but the comic is done.
Friday, June 10 2005 14:09 UTC

Read Comments: 14

Two(by: Pez-Man)
Comic. Don't forget to watch for this Friday!
Monday, June 6 2005 15:01 UTC

Read Comments: 3

And!(by: Pez-Man)
And a new comic!
Friday, June 3 2005 14:18 UTC

Read Comments: 2

WTB?(by: Pez-Man)
Gasp, a non-comic related post! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BEYONDER, who thinks that I'm mean! Enjoy the cake I didn't STEAL! And you all should be nice to him, too. Especially since he keeps the site all nice and working.
Thursday, June 2 2005 04:18 UTC

Read Comments: 4

Dancing Christmas(by: Pez-Man)
'Nother Comic.
Monday, May 30 2005 15:35 UTC

Read Comments: 5

Christmas in the 13th Month(by: Pez-Man)
Friday, May 27 2005 14:30 UTC

Read Comments: 4

Soulwax(by: Pez-Man)
Bad comic! Get off the table!
Monday, May 23 2005 14:46 UTC

Read Comments: 3

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